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About Varied / Hobbyist Shane George (shane-zero)Male/United States Recent Activity
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:iconshienji-ryu-manga: DIRECTORY

:iconshane-zero: DIRECTORY 

:icones-rei-plz: mature work only contains explicit nudity only for 18+


Account FAQ

what is :iconshane-zero: ? A personal account with much more artwork than here
What is :iconshienji-ryu-manga:? A page made specifically for my manga related work
do I need to watch both? No just watch Shane-zero and keep an eye on journals for updates if u want
can I just watch shienji?
I would rather you not this account is inactive mostly I will not watch u back, or talk to you here and I will not give many updates about my main account Shane-zero however if u are only interested in my more professional work it is an option but plz note i will only talk etc on my personal account unless it is something professional related
names? Shane is my real name and zero is one of my fav characters, shienji- ryu is my pen name it's a combo of my japanese first and last name and the word for dragon
do you take requests? occasionally but rarely and I will not do anything with a deadline
Why is only the shane-zero page decorated? I rather not pay for more than one premium account so i chose my personal one
What is shared on both accounts? Novelized versions have a place on both accounts and my main manga (the first 4 seasons of erementaru saga) will be on both accounts however only the revised version will be posted on shienji-ryu-manga some other manga related things such as the card catalog and maps may be posted on both accounts too
Do you have other Accounts? yes click here…
What is :icones-rei-plz:? this serves as a plz account for my oc Rei and is my mature page updates on my mature page will not be advertised much on my main accounts

Scraps FAQ
what will be scrapped ?
how can i see it without watching scraps?


manga pages (but not covers, the covers will link to the pages)
cards (these will be advertised in my card catalog and in the images of the monsters on the cards)
academic (most academic stuff will be posted in dumps and collages such as sketch dumps etc to reduce spamming)


manga pages (but not covers, the covers will link to the pages)
sprites,plz,icon,etc (these will be posted in collages to reduce spamming links will lead to seperate deviations)

nothing all will be visible

Manga FAQ
what Mangas are you working on?

Erementaru Saga-my main manga,it consists of 4 seasons (Yuuyami "12 chs",Tsumi "12 chs",Tsukiyomi "6 chs",and Jiyu "7 Chs")
ES- Origins- is a special 8 chapter series telling the story of the 1000 year old origin mentioned in the main manga
ES- Next Gen- is a card game manga centered around the children of my main manga, it's 24 chs and takes place 20 years latter
ES-Misuteru Unmei- (Forsaken Fate) a 12 chapter side story i am working on that is rated OT and is much darker than my original 
Bonus Chapters- each of the above has Manga only bonus chs i will add when they become ready to sell i may post previews or novel versions here. the full versions of bonus chs will only be available to buying customers

more to come.....

Novel versions: these are identical to the manga but in short story written form these may update faster than manga since they don't need drawing time. I apologize for errors i'm dyslexic

Mature work FAQ

you do mature now? sometimes but i will try to do only artistic and not too explicit most of the time
male or female? Male is still uncomfortable for me but I may do both to practice since i'm an art minor
what if I don't want to see it? just don't watch ES-rei-plz it will only be there
what kinda art? Mostly sketches and drawings possibly paintings and sculptures I would prefer not to have to take photos of nude models if I don't have to it would be very uncomfortable -__-
How explicit? I haven't decided yet but I will never do anything erotic like porn or hentai etc unless cencored i admit i tried hentai out of curiosity if i could do it lol
Rules for comments? Nothing other than plz be respectful if u get out of hand u will receive a warning if u do so continuously u will be blocked. Mature work will be set to strict so only 18+ can see it


Shane George (shane-zero)
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
my real account is :iconshane-zero:
it is the center of all my main work including my main manga
my manga art (fanart etc) my original cards and much much ,more

so what will this account have?
well this account will contain all the junk that would not fit on profile 1
cause i umm *caugh* may have maxed out the folders *caugh* ^^;
as well as stuff i don't wanna bother my other watchers with

this will include all my manga series
(including Erementaru saga, ES-origins, ES-next gen,and ES forsaken fate)

it will also include mature work (however explicite work will be scrapped and moved into a folder so i do not offend my watchers)
Hentai is still a no go
i will never do anything that explicite on DA but i may post some more artistic and settle nudity (yes it will be mostly female cause male is uncomfortable lol XD)
most of these will probably be for practice because i may major in psy but i minor in art

starting fall i will be doing art in college starting with sculpture
so art homework and practice will be here too

this will include
anatomy practice
background practice
other practices
and any other types of art i may begin to do in college

if u'd like to talk to me then go to my main account
plz watch my main account if u watch this one or watch my main account instead
it will give journal updates about this account anyways
i will respond to comments on art or questions
lastely most of the art here will be things i'm not used to so plz no flamming or u will be blocked
also since i may do some nudity for practice plz no overly perverted comment
first comment will be hiddin and given a warning
if u persist u will be blocked from this account


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so if u wanna chat go there
i rarely check personal messages on this 2nd account
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